The Essence of Love

There are encounters that simply change the transition of things, that turn everything upside down and change one’s life. Special moments that make you feel electrified, that, despite their intensity, don’t have a meaning for anyone but the involved parties. If opposites attract each other suddenly when sparks begin to fly and the search for your own counterpart has come to an end all at once.

Moments that are so special that diary entries have been dedicated to them. So important that you can see and feel the time and passion that has been put into the transcript of experience just by looking at the ink, the quality of the paper and the carefully written words.

Philly & Phill transfers these unique, passionate and emotionally charged moments into irresistible fragrances – Philly & Phill, the creators of the essences of love. Philly & Phill is known for the hungry passion based on electrifying encounters between two people and the associated memories that are so important that they are kept in a diary.

So beautiful, that they are written in ink.


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Discover our new Essence of Love.
With Eve goes Eden a cheeky, fruity and tempting perfume was created in collaboration with Jerome Epinette, Senior Perfumer at Robertet.

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The Character of Essences

Thanks to their high-class ingredients and its surprising and sensational compositions the fragrances capture precisely this initial moment, that you like to be reminded of. Carefully selected ingredients of only the highest quality and their surprising and exciting compilation capture the moment, the one to remember.

The Essences of Love, which have translated precious memories and feelings into fine fragrances, are at the same time the most beautiful and the most mysterious way to awaken those special moments again and again.


Follow the life of love with Philly & Phill

It’s not only perfumes – it’s a universe – of magical encounters in life when opposites find out they are soulmates when heartbeats become unstoppable and the cocktail of life tastes its fullest, rich, joyful, promising, rewarding.

Written with blood and passion for those who are still hungry.

Philly & Phill

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