Shipping information

Parfums are inflamable goods, thus they cannot be shipped as normal products. Within the following part we put together the information concerning shipping and handling.

We ship through DHL to guarantee a secure transport. We currently serve the EU countries, if you live outside the EU please contact us.  The shipping cost can be found in the following table:

Orders 149 € and above are free of shipping cost within Germany.

Order amount (gross)

Shipping cost gross/net


149,00 €

6,99 €/5,87 €

Austria (20 % MwSt)

298,00 €

13,99 €/11,67 €


contact us

Within EU

298,00 €

14,99 €/12,60 €

Within Europe, but outside EU

contact us

Rest of World

contact us

Customs and carges:

The shipping documents for shipments outside EU show the products and value of the shipment. Customs might open packages to control everything, we cannot intervene here.

Customs and any further charges have to be paid by the customer. We have no influence on that. Please check on your local tariffs.

Important VAT notice

If we ship to countries without VAT, the shipment cost will also be in net.


We send fragrance samples at a service charge of 5.90 € within Germany and 9 € within the EU.

Bank account of P&P GmbH

P&P GmbH

Hypo Vereinsbank München

IBAN: DE76 70020270 001566786

Please use your ordernumber for payments so we can match your payment.

Further Questions:

Tel-Nr.: 0049 (0)89 93926847