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“At first it was only her facious
glances and whispering words,
that inspired his imagination.
Which led to tingling dates
and gentle touches.
From a common desire, 
the security that creates strong realities
out of seductive illusions, slowly came to life.
She knew what she wanted and she wanted all.
Mesmerized from the moment
they entered paradise.
Breaths and heartbeats fused with time
and after all became one.”



bergamot, cherry

violet, white leather

patchouli, birch wood, cheekiness

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Jerome Epinette, Senior Perfumer at Robertet

He began his career in Robertet’s Paris office in 2003 and joined the U.S. team to launch the New York Creative Center in 2006. Jerome earned a master’s degree in Biochemistry in Dijon, France and attended the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in Grasse, France.

His perfumery work is inspired first and foremost by the beauty of nature; the sights, sounds and scents of flowers, forests, the sea and the sea breeze. In his spare time, Jerome is an accomplished cook and enjoys blending different types of herbs in unique combinations to create new culinary experiences. His favorite dishes are traditional French meals. Jerome sees the world through the lens of a great perfumer. When walking down the streets of Manhattan, he sometimes notices the sillage of perfume trailing from women as they pass by.

He notices how the different fragrances blend in the air and can reimagine them to create brand new ideas. As a child growing up in the beautiful countryside of Burgundy, France, Jerome lived amongst picturesque vineyards, the finest French restaurants and storied towns steeped in history. It was there that he fell in love with perfume. His mother sold fine fragrance in local boutiques, and when he was not in school, Jerome would assist her. He learned about the different notes that comprised a fragrance, but he was curious to learn more, to understand how a perfume was created.

As a part of the creative process, Jerome is always striving to make something new and different. He enjoys working with niche brands because he gets a lot of room to be creative. His formulas are often simple and short, but they are elegant and authentic. Jerome is known for his mastery of Robertet’s natural ingredients to create exceptional quality in his fragrances. He is an amazing creative talent and continues to delight his clients with his ability to translate his vision into olfactive treasures.